Changes to the Westside Dollars Program

Changes to the Westside Dollars Program

Here at Westside Wholesale, we offer a rewards program to our customers in the form of Westside Dollars. These points are earned and accumulated on every qualifying purchase after signing up an account with us. The more you buy, the more you’ll receive. Remember: some items, like certain Panasonic bathroom fans, might even qualify for double the number of Westside Dollars.

They can be applied to a later purchase for discounts, just like cash. For example, one Westside Dollar applied to the purchase of dimmer switches is equal to one dollar discounted at the time of purchase.

We’ve recently expanded the Westside Dollars program to make it easier for our customers to take advantage of these savings. Here are the changes made:

  • You no longer need 20 Westside Dollars to begin using them. You can use them as long as you have 1 in your Westside account.
  • Customers are now credited with their Westside Dollars one week after their order ships. It used to take two weeks.
  • Westside Dollars remain in your account for 120 days. They used to expire after 90 days.

Another change to the program is intended to improve the Westside Wholesale VIP Program. When registered customers reach a total purchase minimum over a specific quantity of orders, they join our VIP Membership Program. It has three levels increasing levels: Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

Currently, non-members can only apply Westside Dollars to 20% of their total order. VIP members—in addition to other benefits like extra Westside Dollars on each order, a 90-day return policy, and exclusive promotions—can use more per order. The levels are:

  • Silver: 30%
  • Gold: 50%
  • Platinum: Unlimited

Keep this in mind when shopping! The more you buy here, the more you can save on future purchases.