How to Choose the Perfect Hand Held Shower Heads

How to Choose the Perfect Hand Held Shower Heads

When remodeling a bathroom or looking for a new showerhead, most people think of design or look over the product’s features. Back in the day, there was basically only one type of shower head with zero functions. Even massaging jets or multiple spray functions was a major innovation.

hand held shower headSince then, however, there are multiple types of shower heads to choose from, including hand held showerheads. Before we go into detail about hand held showerheads and how to choose the best ones for your needs, you should familiarize yourself with the different types. The four categories of showerheads include:

  1. Standard Wall-Mount Showerheads
  2. Hand-Held Showerheads
  3. Top-Mount Showerheads
  4. Body Sprays and Spa Shower Panels

The fourth category is the newest addition to the modern day bathroom, allowing homeowners to easily recreate hydrotherapy spa treatment by adding multiple spray panels to your shower. While this type is quite luxurious, they require a whole different realm of plumbing, so they should be installed during a complete bathroom renovation. Not only that, they can be a little on the pricey end.

Top mount showerheads can be quite the stylish addition to any bathroom as they offer a unique appearance, being positioned directly over a person’s head. This provides an experience like rain fall, which is very pleasant and relaxing. Because of its placement, a top mount showerhead cannot be installed the same way as standard or hand held showerheads. In fact, it will often require some pretty extensive plumbing, though this is something that any plumber can help you with.

A standard wall-mount shower head is a convenient choice because it works with your existing plumbing and packs a bunch of features within the nozzles, usually including gentle mists and massage. Another plus is that prices for these particular shower heads are very much affordable for any budget.

Many prefer hand held showerheads because they provide more reach and control than any other type. This means that they are perfect for individuals who are tall, short, or anywhere in-between. With the hand held attachment, it’s possible for anyone to enjoy water flowing over them. Most hand held showerheads are equipped with a three to six foot hose which allow you to rinse your whole body evenly, which is more difficult on wall mounted versions.

Here are just a few activities that are easier with hand held showerheads:

  • Bathing children
  • Washing the dog
  • Rinsing soap from hard to reach places
  • Hosing spaces off around your shower, especially when cleaning

Because hand held showerheads are mounted in the same way that wall-mounted showerheads are, they work with your existing plumbing. They also can include extras like multiple spray patterns, including tension-relieving massage. These showerheads are perfect for any family bathroom and are very affordable as well.

If you’d like to purchase a hand held showerhead, but are a little confused about where to start, check back for more tips on choosing the best shower heads for your needs in our blog, or feel free to contact our sales associates. Westside Wholesale has people standing by at all times to help all of our customers make the best decisions for their homes and offices.