Extend Your Swimming Season with Swimming Pool Heaters

Extend Your Swimming Season with Swimming Pool Heaters

Many homeowners invest $20,000 to $30,000 or more in their swimming pools only to find that the water is comfortable for one month out of the year, especially for certain parts of the country. Granted, if you live in Florida, California or Texas, you’re probably not part of this equation. For an investment of about 10% of the swimming pool price, you can multiply your enjoyment of your swimming pool by as much as 600% in most of the country and 100% in the south. That is huge!

After all, there’s no better feeling than coming home from a long day at work, taking a swim or exercising in the early morning, or having the best weekend swimming party in the neighborhood. This would be ideal if your swimming pool both looked amazing and felt amazing:

swimming pool heaters 1

But what if your swimming pool feels like this? It would be very hard to enjoy your pool as you’d like, wouldn’t it? You can’t exercise in water that is cold as the arctic!

swimming pool heaters 2

The reality is that it makes absolutely no sense to invest in a swimming pool and then suffer from cold water on a regular basis. Your pool is supposed to be part of your daily routine and daily enjoyment. A swimming pool can reduce daily stress, provide healthy exercise and most importantly, a heated swimming pool can be the place where you spend many special moments with your friends and family. So, while it might cost extra money to install a swimming pool heater, you will be provided a return on that investment with pure happiness.

If you’re thinking about purchasing a swimming pool heater, there are a variety of factors that you will need to consider to ensure that you purchase the best pool heater for your needs.

How Do You Size a Swimming Pool Heater? Is Bigger Better?

Swimming pool heaters are rated according to their BTU output (a measurement also known as British Thermal Units). 1 BTU is capable of raising the temperature of 1 lb of water by 1 degree Fahrenheit. Therefore the more BTUs a pool heater produces, the faster it will heat the water in your swimming pool. Because swimming pools come in all shapes and sizes and are located in many different climates, you’ll need to calculate the number of BTUs needed to heat your swimming pool according to your specifications in order to select the right pool heater. This can be accomplished once the following variables have been determined:

1. Surface area – The main job of any pool heater is to heat the pool water at a faster rate than heat is being lost from the surface of the swimming pool. The more surface area your pool contains through which heat can escape, the more BTUs your pool heater will need to produce to heat your pool water. Calculating the surface area of your swimming pool is relatively easy, and some common calculations are provided here:

  • Round pools: radius (1/2 diameter) x radius x 3.14
  • Rectangular pools: length x width
  • Oval pools: 1/2 length x 1/2 width x 3.14
  • Rectangular pools w/ rounded ends: length x width x 0.8
  • Kidney-shaped pools: length x width x 0.75

2. Temperature Rise – The temperature rise of your pool water is calculated by your desired water temperature, minus the average air temperature such as the guide below:

swimming pool heaters 3

Once you’ve considered your swimming pool size and desired temperature result, you will be able to start considering the different types of swimming pool heaters. Westside Wholesale has a variety of swimming pool heaters on sale, in various makes and models, but from only the best of the best brands including Hayward and Jandy.

There are four main differences in pool heater models that have to do with:

1.Type of Fuel Used (natural gas or liquid propane)

2.Style of Ignition

3.Level of Emissions the Pool Heater Produces

4.Elevation that the pool heater is rated

If you browse the selection of swimming pool heaters at Westside Wholesale be sure to look for the many great features that we offer such as induced draft heater, above ground heater, millivolt, induced draft heater, high performance, digital control options and more. If you have any questions regarding any of the products we have in stock, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information and keep in mind that all of our swimming pool heaters are shipped fast and free for the convenience of our customers.