Feel Like Royalty with Modern Bathroom Vanities

Feel Like Royalty with Modern Bathroom Vanities

We have moved into the 21st century where modern décor of any kind is all the rave. Whether it’s a modern kitchen, bathroom or living room, modern is clean, vibrant and can simply make us feel like royalty—even in a one bedroom condo in the most affordable part of town. Today, “modern” might appear to be expensive but it’s more than affordable, especially when it comes to modern bathroom vanities.

A bathroom vanity is very important, especially when it comes to the bathroom’s design. If you’ve had your vanity for a full decade, it’s probably due time that you make a change. I am almost positive that the style you have now is nothing like your style a decade ago. The thought of deciding on a modern bathroom vanity might seem like a task, but there are tons of different options to choose from, all produced from high quality, attractive and durable materials that will easily improve the look of your bathroom. Even more importantly, modern bathroom vanities are designed to last, meaning that their appearance will take a very long time to appear worn or outdated.

modern bathroom vanity 1

Modern bathroom vanities, such as the one shown above, is going to be something that you use for years on a regular basis. It will also be the first thing that your guests will see once entering the bathroom, so choosing the best vanity set is imperative. You might want to choose a single or double sink vanity with a solid porcelain top or perhaps you’d prefer the look of tempered glass or cultured marble. No matter what kind of material you’d prefer, there are many different options and each has their own advantages.

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is an awesome material used for modern bathroom vanities. The reason for this is because it provides a sleek modern, clean look. It’s also very resistant to heat and fire, making it the perfect choice for individuals who use a lot of heat radiating products such as curling irons or flat irons. Not only that, its material is non-porous, which means that it isn’t suitable for reproduction of bacteria and germs. As a result, tempered glass is considered to be very hygienic and resistant to unwanted stains.

The main thing I like about tempered glass is the fact that it doesn’t need to be matched with the color of a toilet or bathtub, it matches almost every color wonderfully. For even more flair you can choose to install a surface light under the top, making the bathroom pop. Personally, I don’t think there are too many disadvantages when it comes to tempered glass modern vanities other than the fact that it needs to be cleaned properly so that it won’t show fingerprints. No one likes finger prints!

Solid Porcelain

I’ve never been a fan of porcelain, but many homeowners opt to install solid porcelain modern vanities because they can provide a perfect, smooth look in combination with other fixtures. Porcelain is also very easy to clean and is solid as an ox, making it very hard to chip or break—well, unless you’re stronger than an ox.

Cultured Marble

Cultured marble has a variety of perks. First and foremost, it’s a material that can provide your bathroom with the classic look of granite and natural marble at the same time. It’s also very affordable, yet durable, strong and incredibly resistant to stain. This means that it’s easy to clean and maintain.

There aren’t too many disadvantages about cultured marble modern vanities other than the fact that it can be chipped by falling objects, melted and chipped. These don’t occur easy, so it’s not something I’d worry about too much.

All in all, there are a wide variety of different materials and options when it comes to modern bathroom vanities, so many options that I’m sure that you will be able to find the perfect fit for your bathroom. Many modern bathroom vanities are affordable as well, so you won’t have to break your bank to get the look you’ve been longing for. Westside Wholesale has a large selection of vanities on sale—many of which are currently on sale for 15% off with fast and free shipping.