How to Buy a Wireless Intercom System

How to Buy a Wireless Intercom System

A wireless intercom system is something that can provide you and yours with a sense of security, and convenience. However, with so many choices on the market you might find yourself overwhelmed with the thought of choosing a system that is just right for you and your individual needs.

Now, if you’re someone who is building a new house or you already have a built house with an older intercom system installed, purchasing a wired intercom system would make the most sense. After all, if you’re building a new home it won’t be too difficult to hire an electrician to run the wires and do the final installation after the drywall is up and ready. If you’re choosing a wired intercom system, you can choose a system that comes equipped with a CD player, iPod input jack, an AM/FM radio and more.

wireless intercom systemOn the other hand, if your current home is not wired for an intercom system or you’re looking to add some security for you and your family without the hassle of rewiring, a wireless intercom system is definitely the best option. If you like the looks of a wired intercom system, you can easily purchase a flush-mount wall wireless unit that mimics the look and feel of a wired unit.

If you live in an apartment or own a home that you don’t plan on staying in, a wireless intercom system is a great option–even if your home was previously wired. You will have the ability to bring the unit with you wherever you move as it’s not bound by wires – ensuring that you can enjoy your investment, regardless of where you live.

Another reason that wireless intercom systems are my personal preference is the fact that they are portable. With a wall-mounted intercom systems you will need to go wherever the unit is installed when someone calls you. For instance, if your master station is down stairs in the kitchen, but you’re upstairs in the bedroom, you’re out of luck…unless you run down the steps in time to see who is calling you. With wireless intercom systems you can put the systems wherever you spend the most time or you can even carry them around with you. Some wireless systems also let you mix portable units with wall-mounted units, for added convenience.

While there aren’t too many disadvantages to wireless intercom systems, they can sometimes pick up interference from other wireless devices (i.e. cell phones, tablets, etc.), but there are plenty of models on the market that minimize this possibility.

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For our readers who have used both wireless and wired intercom systems – which do you prefer?