It’s a Marshmallow World: Utilize Your Ceiling Fans this Winter!

It’s a Marshmallow World: Utilize Your Ceiling Fans this Winter!

As Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra sing, “It’s a marshmallow world in the winter, when the snow comes to cover the ground.”

During the winter months we often look to hibernate under our warm cozy covers or in front of the fireplace, ensuring that we stay nice and warm during a snow storm. Sure, the winter can be beautiful, but it can rack up our energy bills too – if we’re not careful.

ceiling fansSpace heaters can help, but did you know that you can actually use your ceiling fans during the winter? While most people don’t think of a fan as a year-round device, they can actually keep you warmer during the winter, which is everyone’s dream!

During the summer months, ceiling fans that are rotating in a counterclockwise direction on medium or high speed creates a cooling effect by pushing the air down into the room and past you – cooling you off. In this manner, the ceiling fan will provide a nice breeze within the space but will not change the actual temperature.

If you change the direction of your ceiling fans during the winter months, the blades will pull the warm air up and out. As you know, heat rises, so this action with your ceiling fan will allow the warm air to be circulated back down into the room where you can actually enjoy it. After all, the warm air isn’t doing anything productive near the ceiling, except making you turn up your heat which will cost more in the long run.

Many people wouldn’t even dream of using a fan during the winter, but if you get to know the switch on your ceiling fan – or purchase a ceiling fan – you could save as much as 10% on your heating bills.

Usage Tips for Using Your Ceiling Fan During Winter

  • When it comes to using ceiling fans, the fan is only effective in the room that it’s located in. This means that it will not warm your entire house, but it will allow you to feel warmer while in that particular room. Keep this into consideration when using ceiling fans as there is no real use to keeping one on when you’re not present in the actual room.
  • If using your ceiling fans during the winter, it’s best to use them at a low setting. If, however, your ceiling is high, setting the fan to medium is just fine.
  • If you do have a larger room and are looking to install a ceiling fan, ceiling fans with longer blades are much better suited for larger rooms. Additionally, they work much more effectively at a lower speed (even in a large room) than smaller fans.

Regardless of how large or small your living space is, there are numerous ceiling fans on the market that will suit your individual needs. Not only will the addition of ceiling fans help keep you refreshed in the summer and winter months, they can also help to make your room look larger and lighter than it was previously.

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