Save Money This Winter with a Working Thermostat

Save Money This Winter with a Working Thermostat

Many of us will take a look at our thermostat during the winter and simply assume that it is providing an accurate reading to keep us toasty warm. The thermostat in your home works day and night in order to keep the temperature in your home stable, which means that you probably assume that it is doing its job, right? Well, what if your thermostat is giving a false reading? This means that it might have stopped working or it doesn’t tell your furnace to shut off when it’s supposed to.


Doesn’t sound like too big of a deal? Well, the truth is that if your thermostat isn’t working, you’re likely losing hundreds of dollars in energy costs! Just think what you could be doing with that money? You could put it towards your savings or that week in the Bahamas you’ve been dreaming about for you and your wife or husband.

If you get the feeling that your current thermostat isn’t working properly, there are a couple things that you can do to double check. It might sound crazy, but according to heating and cooling system professionals, you can take an old-fashioned glass thermometer and tape it to the wall next to your thermostat, put a couple of layers of paper towel between the thermostat and wall and check it fifteen minutes later. If your thermostat reads a different temperature, you know the accuracy is off.

Before you set out to purchase a new thermostat you should remove the cover and rub it gently with a lint free cloth. After you’ve cleaned the thermostat you will be able to test the accuracy of it again. You can also change the batteries in your thermostat to see if this is providing an inaccurate reading—the product manual for the thermostat will tell you what batteries you need. If the reading is still inaccurate after changing the batteries and cleaning it, it might be time for a replacement.

Depending on how old your original thermostat is, you will find that the selection of thermostats has considerably grown over the years. Digital thermostats provide more accurate readings than other models and the top brands on the market include LUX, Aprilaire and Cadet, among others. Westside Wholesale has a large selection of thermostat products on sale for low affordable prices. On select products, Westside offers a 10% coupon good for the order, along with fast and free shipping. The great thing about the thermostats we have on sale is that they are only from the best brands and at the best prices, prices that will suit any budget range.

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