Stay Warm This Winter with Radiant Floor Heating

Stay Warm This Winter with Radiant Floor Heating

In many places, it’s happening—winter is upon us. While there are many pleasures of winter such as the Holiday Season, playing in the snow with our children, building snow men, football, ice hockey and snowboarding, there is one thing that almost everyone dislikes—waking up in the early hours of a winter morning and placing your feet on a freezing cold floor. OUCH!

This experience is absolutely horrendous for anyone and makes you want to jump back into bed and stay there for the duration of the day. Unfortunately, though, we can’t. We have job responsibilities, children to care for and dogs to walk. Simply put, we have things to do.

Luckily, however, with the technological advances of today we can enjoy the increasingly popular radiant floor heating option. With radiant floor heating installed you can wake up in the morning and place your feet on a wonderfully warm floor. Just imagine how amazing that will feel! Radiant flood heating is not a single system, either, so you have the option of installing it throughout your home, in a single room and with a variety of materials. For instance, there are flexible tubes full that are full of circulating hot water and there are electric mats that are installed beneath the flooring.

radiant floor heatingThe cost for installing radiant varies greatly, depending on your ultimate end goal. For instance, do you want to experience warm heated floors in your bedroom or are you looking for something that you can experience throughout your house? If you’re a contractor you or have experience with installing radiant floor heating you can save big on installation.

Generally, the total cost for an average home will average between $6,000 to $14,000, depending on the time that work is done, if you can manage the installation yourself or need to hire professionals. Some homeowners opt for installing the electric mat style of radiant floor heating in their bathroom or other smaller spaces, which can keep the cost down quite a bit. For example, you might be looking at $700 for complete installation (including labor) for a bathroom installation that utilizes an electric radiant floor heating mat. Not bad, right? It’s affordable and the truth is that many people choose a localized installation of floor heating because it can save on costs and you’ll stay warm after getting out of a nice hot shower.

If you’re thinking of installing radiant floor heating throughout your home, however, you will need to examine the full system that you will need, including:

  • A 96% efficient condensing boiler – the average price for a model of 95% or higher efficiency rating is $4000;
  • Stainless steel indirect water heater – the price of a tank of forty gallons in size will cost between $1,000 and $1,600;
  • PEX tubing – the price for one hundred feet of appropriately sized tubing will average at $40 per roll;
  • Brass manifolds – the size and number of outlets in each fitting will vary, but these tend to cost between $50 and $95 each;
  • Thermostats – depending upon the model and the features selected a good thermostat will cost between $50 and $100 each; and
  • Equipment necessary for installation – this might mean everything from heavy duty drills and materials needed add support to floors or joists and costs will vary widely.

Keep in mind that your location also plays a large role in the cost of radiant floor heating installation. It would be a good decision to contact local contractors in your area before purchasing radiant floor heating products so that you have an idea of what they will need, how much it will cost you and just how much they will be charging for labor.

If you’d like some assistance with purchasing radiant floor heating products, our sales professionals at Westside Wholesale are here to help. We offer the best products on the market from the top brands including Uponor Wirsbo and others—and at low affordable prices.