Superbulb vs. Simple Bulb Grand Final

Superbulb vs. Simple Bulb Grand Final

Superbulb vs. Simple Bulb Grand Final

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the grand finale of the epic battle for the 2013 Top Lighting Technology Tournament! Undoubtedly, we are about to eye a tremendous duel of two respectable fighters to win the champion’s title. Salute the Simple Bulb, a famous lighting rock star and, indubitably, an unconditional favorite of the tonight’s fight. Now behold a solid representative of a new generation of lighting warriors: Green Superbulb! Oh boy, it’s getting really hot here! Go big or go home: combatants, prepare yourselves! Let’s get ready to rumble!

Round 1

The battle begins, and a green rookie seizes the initiative from the very first seconds. It’s not a secret that the Simple Bulb represents conventional fluorescent lamps class filled with mercury vapor. If such lamp is damaged the polluting vapors are released into the atmosphere. Moreover, the process of recycling of such lamps is complicated enough. Oh, and what a stunning hook by Superbulb! LED lamp is completely safe for the environment, now it’s pretty clear why the crowd calls it Green.

Round 2

The success of the first rounds oftentimes depends on the combatants’ heat allocation characteristics. It’s quite obvious that LED Green Superbulb knows exactly what to do, blocking the punches nicely. As a matter of fact, LED fighters are widely known for their close to zero heat allocation capabilities, being totally efficient when it comes to energy saving aspects.

Round 3

It seems that a noise-free Green Superbulb takes control of the match: emitting no sound it’s a perfect solution for a library, hospital, office or school.

Round 4

With soft light and a lack of flickering Green Superbulb can surely claim for a victory, as conventional fluorescent lamps consume alternating current which results in 100-120 invisible flashes per second. Our green warrior can easily function without alternating current, which is healthier for human eyes.

Round 5

Green Superbulb to smash its opponent with a nice straight swing, right between the eyes! A knockdown! The Simple Bulb generates ultraviolet radiation that attracts insects, but a noble LED combatant lacks such an awful weak point.

Round 6

Simple Bulb finds the strength to continue the fight. But it seems that totally confident Green Superbulb will not miss the chance to gain the upper hand: its ability to function within a voltage range of 80 to 230 volts, so if a drop happens – the LED lamp will continue to operate with lower brightness.

Round 7

What a nice series of jabs by Green Superbulb, everyone feels that a soon game over is simply inevitable. Green Superbulb consumes 50-70% less electricity if compared with the Simple Bulb. Nobody will argues that Green Superbulb is more durable.

Round 8

Lights out – a knockout! An unexpected flawless victory for Green Superbulb! Its housing is made of durable polycarbonate plastic, which is much stronger than ordinary glass of fluorescent lamps. Even if you drop this lamp during installation, it will not break. Hail to the LED champion!