Westside Expert Central: Frameless Shower Doors

Westside Expert Central: Frameless Shower Doors

During today’s post I want to discuss one of my favorite topics—frameless shower doors. I’ve been a personal fan of these showers since they first came on the market because they offer such a sleek, clean feel. While many people might see frameless shower doors as modern, they can actually coincide very well with any bathroom décor. The reason for this being—they are simply a frameless glass enclosure. Sure, while modern looks sexy (see below), these showers also go amazingly well with Vintage or Antique bathroom décor.

frameless shower doors 1

With that being said, I want to talk about the many reasons that you should consider installing a frameless shower door in your home—regardless of what type of décor you’re going for.

One of the most amazing things I like about frameless shower doors is that they can really lighten up a room, which can have a huge impact on the visual aspect of the space. For instance, a bathroom that was once dark and very much compartment-like can become grand in appearance. Take this image below, for instance, the colors and the frameless shower door mesh very well. There is so much light and room to move within the space. If you don’t like the see through glass (for privacy reasons) you can frost the glass. However, keep in mind that frosting the glass of your shower will make the space close in a bit and can, once again, make your bathroom feel very enclosed.

frameless shower door 2

For contractors, DIY heavyweights or even for individuals who are tackling their first DIY project, laying tile can be fun. With traditional showers, all of our hard tile work is hidden—you are the only one who can see it to appreciate it. With a frameless shower door you will have the ability to show off your tile work to anyone that uses the bathroom (i.e. your new guests, friends, etc.).

Take the image below, for example. The tile work looks simply fantastic, doesn’t it?! Now, just imagine that this was in a typical shower with an enclosed shell of a space. Who would be there to admire it or enjoy its beauty? Tile work is a craft and can be a lot of fun. You should be allowed to show it off!

frameless shower door 3


Another thing that I truly enjoy with frameless shower doors is that they can make even the tiniest bathroom feel larger. These frameless doors provide a transparent look that both windows and mirrors add to a space, making a small room feel spacious. Take the bathroom below, for instance. This bathroom is incredibly small, but the frameless shower door makes it feel that much more elegant, airy and open. You don’t walk into the bathroom feeling confined, which allows you to focus on what matters most—rejuvenating yourself before a long day at work or after a hard workout. In addition, if you’re able to bring natural light into your bathroom through a window or skylight, there will be an even larger illusion of openness.

frameless shower door 4

The less metal, the less you notice that a wall is dividing the space in the bathroom.

If you’re a minimalist at heart, frameless shower doors will become one of your true loves that you simply cannot live without. Well, obviously after you have installed it. There is no need for a shower curtain (that will need to be replaced quite often to keep up its appearance) or traditional shower accessories with these showers, which help to keep your space clean and free of clutter. Not only that, they are very easy to maintain and keep clean.

Regardless of what your style is, I would highly recommend that you stop by our store and take a look at all of the frameless shower doors that we have on sale. You will find that a lot of the showers we have on sale come with a 10% off coupon as well as a manufacturer’s warranty. Additionally, we have many models available from only the top brands on the market. If you’d like any assistance on making your decision, our service professionals are available 24/7. We will also be posting blogs regularly, so be sure to stop back and follow us.